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SNESGT Ver 0.215 beta4 GIGO 07/2/4(日) 21:43 [添付]

Re:Bugreport (FM: Gun Hazard) GIGO 07/2/17(土) 8:01

Re:Bugreport (FM: Gun Hazard)
 GIGO  - 07/2/17(土) 8:01 -

I confirmed the bug and fixed it in beta5.
The bug is caused by incorrect counting method of sprites and your suggestion is totally correct.


>I found a little bug in Front Mission: Gun Hazard. Please have a look at the water-animation in the first mission. The visible water-sprites move to the right, but the following sprite on the left site is rendered to late. You will see a growing gap until the gap is as wide as one water-sprite. Perhaps it has something to do with the new implementation of the sprite-limit. The bug is present since Beta 2.

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