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SNESGT 0.230 beta3 GIGO 08/4/6(日) 1:48 [添付]

SNESGT 0.230 beta3 (English version) GIGO 08/4/6(日) 4:53 [添付]
Re:SNESGT 0.230 beta3 (English version) Jezze 08/4/6(日) 21:31
Re:SNESGT 0.230 beta3 (English version) GIGO 08/5/24(土) 2:31

SNESGT 0.230 beta3 (English version)
 GIGO  - 08/4/6(日) 4:53 -
What's new
- Some minor bugs are fixed.
- Added support for Kega Fusion render plugin.
- Language dll and its source code are updated to support latest SNESGT.

* My translation may be incorrect because I'm not good at English.
 If you find incorrect translation, please point out it.

・名前 : snesgt0230b3e(2).zip
・サイズ : 395.7KB

Re:SNESGT 0.230 beta3 (English version)
 Jezze  - 08/4/6(日) 21:31 -
Nice to see another fantastic release from you. Keep up the great work.

Your English translation looks good so far. But someone whose mother language is English should correct me.

By the way, I have also updated my German translation.

h t t p://

Re:SNESGT 0.230 beta3 (English version)
 GIGO  - 08/5/24(土) 2:31 -
> Jezze
Thank you for your work.

I would release English language file for 0.230 beta4 soon, and please translate it if you please. The change among beta 3 and beta 4 on UI is "make a window always on top" option.

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