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星のカービィ3 - slow-downs in stages that have transparency granz 09/1/22(木) 11:17

Re:星のカービィ3 - slow-downs in stages that have transparency Awakened 09/2/15(日) 4:53

Re:星のカービィ3 - slow-downs in stages that h...
 Awakened  - 09/2/15(日) 4:53 -
>With recent beta versions, I've noticed that there is significant slow-down when entering stages that have transparency in Kirby's Dream Land 3. This appears to be a DirectDraw failure, since the entire screen resolution changes.

I thought this issue was caused when hires mode is active, but maybe you're right. This same behavior happens in certain menus and when the text boxes in Seiken Densetsu 3 come up when you cast spells or bring up the ring menu. It also happens in some menus in SD2 (Secret of Mana), like the game select menu. I've noticed this can be fixed if you don't use a filter or use Nearest or Scanline filters. I usually use hq3x, which causes this problem.

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