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English Forums and GUI help.
 Maduin E-MAILWEB  - 06/4/18(火) 4:29 -
Not that I can't use Babelfish quite effortlessly, but an english version of the forums or an english audience forum section would be beneficial.

Also the configuration pages of the GUI are very small and a lot of the text and settings are off the page unable to be viewed or even used. Perhaps removing the page resize lock or adding a maximization key would be useful.

Also thank you Gigo and Hii for such an awesome emulator. I am a big fan. I only wish you could add a GameGenie/ProAction Replay system like Snes9x uses within it's emulator as well.
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English Forums and GUI help. Maduin 06/4/18(火) 4:29
Re:English Forums and GUI help. GIGO 06/5/8(月) 6:23

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