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Re:Loading from *.ZIP files
 GIGO  - 06/8/15(火) 8:43 -
Using "Common Archivers Library" DLLs,
SNESGT supports ZIP or other archive format such as RAR and 7-ZIP.
Please download the DLLs from below site and put them
in the directory with SNESGT.

* Common Archivers Library

>Hi... is there a plan to support ZIP files in near future?
>Sinco now SNES GT is the ONLY Emulator that runs fine on my Dual Core PC.. THX for that ;)
>The only problem is, that it does not load from ZIP, which forces me to unpack over 12 GB to over 20 GB.. quite mich, if you ask me :D

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Loading from *.ZIP files TheSHEEEP 06/7/22(土) 20:19
Re:Loading from *.ZIP files GIGO 06/8/15(火) 8:43

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