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SNESGT Ver 0.230 beta4 GIGO 08/5/24(土) 1:48 [添付]

Re:SNESGT Ver 0.230 beta4 (German Translation) GIGO 08/6/2(月) 2:07

Re:SNESGT Ver 0.230 beta4 (German Translation)
 GIGO  - 08/6/2(月) 2:07 -
>> Jezze

> I already updated my German translation by adding the new UI item you mentioned. Maybe I did not use the same ID_VARIABLE_NAME, but the ID itself is of course the same.
I updated language file (English) and added definition of ID_WINDOW_TOPMOST for beta5.

> By the way, I found a small bug in the UI. If you are changing the language, the video filter drop-down box will not be updated. In order to display the drop-down box in the selected language, you have to restart SNESGT.

I fixed the bug in beta5.

Thank you.

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