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Simp Chinese Translation & About Hi-Res ナバール 07/4/22(日) 4:27

Re:Simp Chinese Translation & About Hi-Res GIGO 07/9/28(金) 2:44

Re:Simp Chinese Translation & About Hi-Res
 GIGO  - 07/9/28(金) 2:44 -
> I'm confused last time.But now I'm find out what the problem is:
> stretch occurs in hi-resolution mode when using a filter.Those
> plugins are not built-in filters like 2xSaI,2xScale and so on...
I checked and made sure of this problem.
I would fix it.

> By the way:Why not put these plugins in pack or put them on download page or
> show where to download the plugins?Actually,many people prefer play games
> with a filter.But they can't find them in SnesGT so they think GT sucks.
> And I think it's hard to find the plugins on internet,
> I'm lucky to download a pack with them in a Chinese emu forum a few days ago.
Those plugins are originally made for Virtua NES2 and
I experimentally add function which load those plugins.
I can not pack those plugins because of licence of those plugins...

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