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SNESGT Ver0.230 beta6 GIGO 08/8/30(土) 7:16 [添付]

SNESGT 0.230 beta6 (English version) GIGO 08/8/30(土) 8:23 [添付]
Language files for SNESGT 0.230 beta6 GIGO 08/8/31(日) 4:48 [添付]
Re:Language files for SNESGT 0.230 beta6 nhlay 08/9/13(土) 11:00

SNESGT 0.230 beta6 (English version)
 GIGO  - 08/8/30(土) 8:23 -
What's new
- Fixed several freeze or instability bugs which are caused by
 some changes between beta4 and beta5.
 Ver 0.230 beta5 freeze in many titles, and it is fixed.
- Some minor bugs are fixed.
- Improved emulation accuracy.
- Added support for SPC7110 emulation.
 The format of RTC file(.rtc) which includes time data of SPC7110/S-RTC
 is compatible with bsnes.
 SPC7110 emulation code is provided by byuu(bsnes author).
 I thank him for his support and everything.

* Language files for beta6 is compatible with beta5, so you can use
 same language files for beta5 in beta6.


・名前 :
・サイズ : 407.3KB

Language files for SNESGT 0.230 beta6
 GIGO  - 08/8/31(日) 4:48 -
This is a package of language files.
This package contains following language files.

I thank each author of the language file so much.

Language       : Author
Chinese (Traditional) : nhlay
French        : Benjamin Siskoo
German        : Jezze
Italian        : Vecna

・名前 :
・サイズ : 50.5KB

Re:Language files for SNESGT 0.230 beta6
 nhlay E-MAIL  - 08/9/13(土) 11:00 -
Chinese(Traditional) Language Files for SNESGT 0.230 beta6

Download Language Files:

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