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Re:English Forums and GUI help.
 GIGO  - 06/5/8(月) 6:23 -

Sorry, I'm not good at English and so I can't manage English forum well...

The problem of configuration pages may be caused by the difference of the font size between Japanese environment and English environment.
I would investigate the cause of this problem and add the resizing function to configuration pages.

>Not that I can't use Babelfish quite effortlessly, but an english version of the forums or an english audience forum section would be beneficial.
>Also the configuration pages of the GUI are very small and a lot of the text and settings are off the page unable to be viewed or even used. Perhaps removing the page resize lock or adding a maximization key would be useful.
>Also thank you Gigo and Hii for such an awesome emulator. I am a big fan. I only wish you could add a GameGenie/ProAction Replay system like Snes9x uses within it's emulator as well.
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English Forums and GUI help. Maduin 06/4/18(火) 4:29
Re:English Forums and GUI help. GIGO 06/5/8(月) 6:23

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