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Re:Linux version / analog stick
 GIGO  - 07/9/28(金) 2:17 -
> 1.
> is there a chance for a linux version?
Porting to linux is not easy work...
Because some parts of snesgt such as CPU emulation are written with
inline assembler and these parts are dependent on MS VisualC++ compiler.

> 2.
> is there an option to activate and use the digital-pad and
> analogstick at the same time?
> for some games i am using the digital-pad.
> for some another games i am using the analog stick.
This is also difficult because of the architecture of snesgt.
I will implement profiles of input configure and switching this by easy way,so this may be helpful to you.
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Linux version / analog stick gt_fan 07/5/5(土) 6:49
Re:Linux version / analog stick GIGO 07/9/28(金) 2:17

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