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Re:Development questions
 GIGO  - 07/9/28(金) 3:30 -
>I have noticed on Windows Vista that the video that normally used to
>be resampled by my video card no longer is in effect (GeForce 6150) and Double,
> Nearest Neighbor, and No Filter options still leave the video very blocky.
> Scanlines are too dark.
>Is work underway to add a Interpolated or Anti-Alias video filter to smooth
>the graphics and if not could a video mode like this be added in the future?
I tested snesgt on some Windows Vista environments and
interpolated filter is enabled on all environments.
(All my tested environments have ATI Radeon chips)

Currently, the graphic renderer of snesgt is implemented with DirectDraw.
DirectDraw lacks ability of explicit filter control,
so Vista may require to use Direct3D and if so,
I would implement renderer with Direct3D.

>Also what are the future plans for SNESGT in terms of getting games like
> Mega Man X2 and other games that use variant chips supported?
SNESGT 0.218 already supports some special chips such as CX4(Mega Man X2,3).
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Development questions WhiteTigerX7 07/8/5(日) 17:46
Re:Development questions GIGO 07/9/28(金) 3:30

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